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PACE MBT 250 SDTP SensaTemp 3-Channel 115V Digital Rework & Repair System

List Price: $2413.96

Your Price: $2,220.84

The MBT 250 SDTP features PACE's patented SensaTemp technology and comes standard with the following handpieces:

  • S - PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron,
  • D - SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor,
  • T - TT-65 ThermoTweez, and the
  • P - TP-65 ThermoPik

Self-contained, three channel capability offers high capacity, low temperature SMT/Thru-Hole soldering and desoldering. Digital readout displays the current channel's temperature information, error codes and programming status. Supplied with PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron, SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor, TT-65 ThermoTweez Handpiece & TP-65 ThermoPik Handpieces. Tips Sold Separately.

PACE MBT 250 SDTP SensaTemp 3-Channel 115V Digital Rework & Repair System

Includes PS-90 Solder Handpiece, SX-90 Desolder Handpiece, TP-65 Removal Tool & TT-65 Removal Tool. Tips not included.


  • AUTO Snap-VAC improves thru-hole desoldering performance, and increases tip life - PACE EXCLUSIVE feature
  • "QUIET FLO" pump for vacuum and pressure
  • Operates any three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously
  • Automatic or manual tip temperature setback and power down, constant memory
  • Automatic tip offset compensation system

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I123739
MFG Part Number 8007-0206
Brand PACE
Adjustment Digital
Type Hot Air Rework
Output Three Tool
Input 115V
Includes Tool(s) & Stand