Personna 62-0315 Gem® Uncoated, Degreased Single Edge, Stainless Steel Back Cleanroom Blade Dispenser, 10 Blades

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When it comes to catheter and IC processing blades, Gem by Personna is the world leader. If precision and sharpness and important in your catheter cutting operation and in your industrial blades, choose Gem by Personna. Personna blades provide better sharpness no matter what catheter material you are processing. Reach for Personna, the best Industrial blades in the business.


  • Gem® Uncoated 3-facet degreased stainless steel back
  • .009" Carbon

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I167381
MFG Part Number 62-0315
Brand Personna
Shipping Weight 5.0000
Cleanroom Class ISO Class 7 (Fed. Class 10,000)
Thickness .009"
Material Stainless Steel
Shape 3 Facet