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Dispensing Tips

Dispensing tips are also known as dispensing needles. Blunt end tips are the most popular and versions can be found in different gauges, lengths and threads. Tapered needles are used for high viscosity fluids, they are also described as smooth-flow. Precision tips are machined stainless steel. Teflon is used to dispense cyanoacrylate.
Designed to dispense medium to high viscosity liquids with less resistance to flow. These tips improve dispensing performance & reduced clogging.
UV Protection Tapered
Designed to dispense medium to high viscosity fluids while blocking UV rays that may cause some materials to cure.
Straight Blunt End
Industrial performance precision blunt end dispensing tips with molded hubs & stainless steel needles.
Angled Blunt End
Dispense in hard-to-reach areas that are inaccessible with straight tips. Angled tips come in both 45° & 90° versions with a wide selection of sizes
Crimp Seal
Constructed with a stainless steel straight cannula crimp sealed to a polypropylene hub with “ear-type” Luer lock fastening.
Stainless Steel
Precision stainless steel tips are internally machined for guaranteed smooth flow liquid dispensing. Available in, single, twin, triple & quad types.
Teflon Lined
Ideal for very low viscosity fluids, cyanoacrylates. solvents & other materials that can't come into contact with metal but need a straight cannula needle.
Made of polypropylene, flexible tips can reach into difficult access areas that bent stainless steel tips cannot.
Dispense nozzles for high accuracy micro-dot dispensing. Their Luer lock threads can be used with any dispensing syringe, valve or pump.
Hard or soft brush tips are designed for conformal coating, other coating type operations & automated robotic dispensing assembly process.