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Wearwell 478 WorkSafe Light CFR, Gray

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This best-selling, light-weight, high performance drainage mat, is now available in a new formulation that's resistant to the effects of mineral oil based cutting fluid. That's why we call it CFR - Cutting Fluid Resistant. Perfect for wet industrial areas, its lightweight design eases the strain of clean up, yet keeps employees quite comfortable. WorkSafe Light is 1/2" thick with molded beveled edges allow easy employee access and the well-engineered drainage system keeps debris from becoming trapped.

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  • Area of Use: Wet areas, around Mineral oil based cutting fluids
  • Compound: CFR
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Slip Resistance: Dry - Excellent, Wet - Average
  • Ease of Maintenance: Above average
  • Resilience/Crush Resistance: Average
  • Thickness: 1/2"

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K100773
Brand Wearwell
Thickness 1/2"
Surface Coin
Material Rubber
Color Gray
Type Drainage
Warranty 1 Year