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Cramer builds each chair to order, beacuse they build to your specifications, not someone else's.
5 Day Lead Times
Build-to-Order doesn't mean you have to wait. Cramer is very efficent. They typically ship in 5 days for orders up to 30 units. Larger orders ship pretty fast too, just call us and ask!
Superior Warranties
Check it out. Compare. Cramer chairs are durable, their warranties are superior.
24/7 Durability
Cramer engineers (and warranties) their chairs specifically for on-going 24-hour use: mechanisims remain fluid and frames stay sturdy. It's a bottom line decision: get the right chairs for the job and you'll spend less money and increase productivity. It's a value thing.
Fully Adjustable Fit
You can't buy every person on every shift a custom fit chair, and even if you could, personnel turnover would be a factor. Cramer models easily adjust to accommodate a range of worker sizes and task requirements throughout the day.
Molded Foam Seats
Molded Foam adds performance, comfort, and durability to your chair.
Ever Chair Centris
Intensive use chairs are thrown out early in their lifecycle because the upholstery fails. Ever's patented Renewal System extends the promise of durability to the upholstery as well.
• Ergonomically engineered for most Americans.
• Generous cushioning and waterfall seat eliminate pressure.
• Mechanism controls range from cost effective solutions to full-featured ergonomics.
• High quality & value.
• 10-Year single-shift warranty.
Rhino RhinoPlus
• Resists chemical and physical damage.
• Made of urethane in a dense, durable foam molded right onto the inner structure.
• Cleans easily, can be disinfected with bleach.
• 10-Year multi-shift warranty.
• Patented, thick urethane skin.
• Resists punctures, tears and most chemicals.
• Steel seat pan won't wear out.
• Cleans easily, can be disinfected with bleach.
• Molded seat cushion of 3" foam.
• 10-Year multi-shift warranty.
Triton TritonMax
• The original steel frame chair.
• Steel frame provides long-lasting support.
• All day comfort with molded 3" foam seat cushion.
• 16-gauge steel seat pan.
• 15-year multi-shift warranty.
• 500 lb. capacity.
• Oversized, 14-gauge steel seat.
• Larger back supports larger frames.
• Extra-wide base for maximum stability.
• 15-Year multi-shift warranty.
• Patented thick urethane skin.
• Cleans easily, even with bleach.
• Resists punctures, tears and most chemicals.
• All day comfort on the Triton steel frame.
• 15-year multi-shift warranty.