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Wearwell 560/561/562/563 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats

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In addition to wet and non-greasy areas, ErgoDeck Open Grid ergonomic flooring can also be installed in dry environments where it is desirable for small debris to drop through the matting system. ErgoDeck Solid with GritWorks! is used in areas where over spray or tracking of grease and oil cause slip hazards.

ErgoDeck is a system of 18" x 18" super-sized ergonomic tiles. These professional grade components are incredibly substantial, and are designed with an excellent durometer to prevent standing worker fatigue and encourage productivity. These larger components quickly and easily cover large areas and require less time and labor to install.

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Wearwell 560/561/562/563 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats

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  • Wearwell 560 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile, Red
  • Wearwell 560 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile, Orange
  • Wearwell 560 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile, Green
  • Wearwell 560 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile, Blue
  • Wearwell 560 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile, Yellow
  • Wearwell 561 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Open Tile with GridWorks, Black
  • Wearwell 562 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mat, Solid Tile, Black
  • Wearwell 563 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Mats, Solid Tile with GritWorks, Black
  • Wearwell 560/564 Outside Corner, Yellow
  • Wearwell 560/564 Inside Corner, Yellow
  • Wearwell 560/564 Ramp, Yellow

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The tiles are engineered to provide flexibility underfoot and reduce fatigue, yet also to withstand cart traffic and heavy usage. Tiles can endure up to 64 psi, the equivalent of a 300 lb. cart with 4" diameter wheels. ErgoDeck has LockSafeĀ®, a patented and totally effective, interlocking system that quickly "locks" tiles together, and keeps them together despite constant use. The tiles are accurately aligned for a neat, and seamless floor without maintenance or safety headaches.


  • Area of Use: Wet indoor areas
  • Compound: PVC
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Slip Resistance: Dry - Above average, Wet - Average
  • Ease of Maintenance: Average
  • Resilience/Crush Resistance: Average
  • Modular/Unique Configurations Available
  • Thickness: 7/8"
  • Green Rating: 50% Post Industrial

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K100780
Brand Wearwell
Thickness 7/8"
Material PVC
Warranty 3 Years