Aven Microscopy & Inspection

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Zero UV emissions, efficient LED lights, and ergonomic benefits make Aven magnifiers, lamps, and digital microscopes ideal for inspecting small or sensitive components over prolonged periods. Choose battery powered pocket microscopes for mobility or spring-balanced benchtop magnifying lamps for the office or laboratory.

Aven’s line of digital USB microscopes and inspection devices enable large screen monitoring during PCB production thus increase the detectability of defects. Photograph objects in high resolution, stream video in HD, and adjust the brightness of the LED lights with one touch. Simplify image capture, annotation and measurement, freeze frame, and object comparisons with included software.

Aven Pen-Type Microscope

Pocket Microscopes

Aven pocket microscopes feature battery powered LED lights for dimly lit environments and achieve magnification levels of 60-100x. Quickly adjust the focus wheel by fingertip and magnify with precision.

Aven MightyVue Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying Lamps

Aven MightyVue and ProVue magnifying lamps limit eye strain via 5-diopter crystal-clear glass lenses, adjustable brightness, and variable color temperature. In-X series magnifiers feature interchangeable lenses.

Aven Mighty Scope USB Digital Microscope

USB Microscopes

Aven Mighty Scope USB digital microscopes reduce glare, hot spots, and enhance contrast with LED illumination and a built-in polarizer. Connect to your computer for inspection, image capture, and analysis.

Aven Binocular Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscopes

Aven binocular and trinocular microscopes offer superior quality optics and reliable mechanical components. Pre-configured systems include a body, stand, lens, light source, and eyepieces.

Aven Video Inspection System

Video Inspection

Aven digital video inspection systems reduce eye strain and neck fatigue associated with the frequent use of traditional microscopes. Upgrade your view to crystal clear, large-scale HD images.