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Erem Tools

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Erem Tweezers

Erem Tweezers

Erem offers a wide range of precision tweezers made from hardened steel, stainless steel and non-magnetic acid resistant stainless steel. Tips are made from ESD-Safe material, smooth or serrated metal.

Erem Cutter

Erem Cutters

Erem cutters are easy to use with three blade options including semi-flush, flush and super full flush. Each pair of cutters comes with comfortable, ergonomic, ESD-Safe handles that prevent user fatigue.

Erem Plier

Erem Pliers

Erem gripping and bending pliers with standard or ergonomic handles and a wide variety of head shapes. Each pair of pliers are made from special tool steel with a non-reflective surface that is ESD-Safe.