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Delvo Electric Screwdrivers

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Delvo Electric Screwdrivers from Nitto Kohki are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long-term reliability. Delvo gives you the ability to get it right, every time.

  • Repeatable Accuracy: Designed to provide more consistent torque, screw after screw.
  • Reduced Recoil: Sophisticated clutches and a motor braking system reduce the hand recoil at the end of the screw tightening operation, reducing user fatigue.
  • Long Life: Brushless electric screwdrivers assure you a long operating life.
  • Brushless Motors: No brushes to replace and a wide torque range allow brushless screwdrivers to be used in various applications for extended periods of time.
  • Faster: High-speed motors cut down on screw tightening time and enhance productivity.
  • Quieter: Compare Delvo to conventional pneumatic screwdrivers and you will hear the difference.
Delvo Electric Screwdrivers

Electric Screwdrivers

Delvo high-quality electric screwdrivers feature precise torque control and long-term reliability for professional use.

Delvo Electric Screwdriver Controller

Controllers & Counters

Easily find the controller or counter appropriate to your Delvo screwdriver model.

Delvo Torque Checker

Torque Checkers

Keep your Delvo electric screwdrivers properly tuned with these torque checkers.

Delvo Electric Screwdriver Pistol Grip


Accessories like grips and reaction arms help enhance productivity and reduce user fatigue.