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MAPA Kronit Cut-Resistant Glove

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MAPA Gloves: They Just Fit.

Pre-formed molds and subtle surface changes allow bending and flexing for delicate hand movement. Instead of folding and buckling, glove curvatures comply naturally and fit right out of the box. Preformed glove tips, anti-deglove bands, tactile rubbers, and proprietary surface features expand grip, improve responsiveness, and yield long lasting comfort.

What's a Fit Without Form?

Industrial and cleanroom manufacturers need disposable and reusable gloves with critical performance thresholds. MAPA caters to high-end chemical, cold, heat and cut resistant requirements. Advanced manufacturing techniques combine vinyl, natural latex, nitrile, neoprene, and proprietary 'tripolymers' to prevent cuts, leeching, microbial growth, and odors.

Functional Freedom

MAPA's mission is compliance, safety, and usability for both chaotic and controlled procedures. Flexibility, sturdiness, grip, protection, and comfort requires application specific design. Microorganisms, vibration, thermal hazards, and chemicals no longer hinder production when donning MAPA gloves. General manufacturing use or critical cleanroom environments alike, MAPA delivers the features you'd expect from a product line over 50 years in the making.