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Vidmar Drawer Cabinets

Vidmar Cabinets

Use less space to store more with high-density Vidmar cabinet systems! Choose your height, width, color, number of drawers, drawer layouts, and more!

Vidmar E-Series Cabinet

Vidmar E-Series Cabinets

Vidmar E-Series tool storage cabinets will hold up to 125 lbs. per drawer, offering you a quality light-weight storage solution at an affordable price.

Vidmar STAK System®

Vidmar STAK System®

With the STAK System®, one operator can efficiently manage loads up to 4,000 lbs. - no forklift needed! All in a 70% smaller footprint than fixed rack storage.

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Save Space with Vidmar Cabinets

Compare: Open shelving requires 100 units to accomplish the same amount of storage as 40 drawer cabinets.

Why Buy Vidmar Cabinets?

Store More in Less Space: Just two drawer cabinets allow you to store the same amount of material as five open shelving units.

Get Organized: Give everything it's own specific, easily identifiable location, significantly reducing inventory time.

Cut Down on Retrieval Time: Drawer cabinets allow products to be stored within easy reach and full view, meaning you no longer have to stoop or stretch to reach your items.

Protect your Products: Your inventory is protected from dust, dirt, damage and loss.