Palbam Class Cleanroom Furniture

Palbam Gowning Bench

Gowning Benches

All-stainless steel Palbam gowning benches are safe for clean room environments. Available with solid or perforated tops.

Palbem Gowning Rack

Garment Racks

Palbam wall-mounted or free-standing stainless steel garment racks provide efficient storage for cleanroom garments.

Palbam Bootie Rack

Bootie/Shoe Racks

Palbam stainless steel modular bootie cabinets come in a variety of sizes, and can be used from either side.

Palbam Cleanroom Dispenser

Garment Dispensers

Palbam stainless steel wall mounted dispensers are designed to efficiently store and dispense cleanroom garments and supplies.

Palbam Utility Cart

Cleanroom Carts

Transport products and supplies safely throughout your clean room or critical environment with Palbam cleanroom and semiconductor and carts.

Palbem Stainless Steel Cabinets

Cleanroom Cabinets

Palbam cleanroom cabinets are made from electropolished stainless steel and can shipped either fully assembled or knocked flat for easier shipping.

Palbam Cleanroom Table

Cleanroom Tables

Cleanroom tables are available with 14-gauge solid or perforated tops and brushed or electropolished finish. Alcohol wiped and cleanroom bagged.

Palbem Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinet

Desiccator Cabinets

Palbam nitrogen desiccator cabinets displace contaminated air and provide an isolated environment for sensitive components and devices.