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Military and industrial grade construction is synonymous with the resilience of closed-cell polymeric technology. Anywhere you require improved traction and comfort, Rhino's anti-fatigue mat designs specialize an area as needed: kitchens, bars, offices, manufacturing floors, workstations, chemical prone areas and more. Lock together K-Series modular mats for virtually any configuration or floor plan.

Why choose between safety performance and durability? Rhino Tritan™ mats source rubber from leading performance manufacturers like Pirelli™ and Michelin™. Nylon infused and permanently bonded, the layers extend grip and comfort to the extremes of 40° - 40°F without weathering or deterioration. The surface remains impervious to acids and organic materials such as ethyl alcohol, mineral oil, ethylene glycol and triethanolamine.

Rhino's outdoor mats with natural rubber materials excel for tensile strength and tear resistance. Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, cleaning is simple without smelly odors or chemical leaching. Prevent pounds of debris and grime permeating indoor or outdoor entrances.

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