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LEWISBins+ Plastic Bins & Storage

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LEWISBins+ Parts Bins

Hanging/Stacking Bins

Organize your components and make them easily accessible from your workstation.

LEWISBins+ Shelf Bins

Shelf Bins

Shelf bins feature a hopper front opening for easy parts inspection and accessibility.

LEWISBins+ Containers & Totes

Containers & Totes

Stack-n-Nest or Nest-Only models allow you to store your product conveniently.

LEWISBins+ Divider Box Containers

Divider Boxes

Divider box containers can be divided into compartments with easy-to-add dividers.

LEWISBins+ Bin Panel

Bin Racks

Bin panels and racks give you several options for easy bin storage and access.

LEWISBins+ Bin Storage Cabinet

Bin Cabinets

These steel bin cabinets securely store your parts bins and their contents.