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LEWISBins Plastic Bins & Storage

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Hanging & Stacking Bins

Hanging/Stacking Bins

Organize your components and make them easily accessible from your workstation.

Shelf Bins

Shelf Bins

Shelf bins feature a hopper front opening for easy parts inspection and accessibility.

Containers & Totes

Containers & Totes

Stack-n-Nest or Nest-Only models allow you to store your product conveniently.

Divider Box Containers

Divider Boxes

Divider box containers can be divided into compartments with easy-to-add dividers.

Bin Rack

Bin Racks

Wall-mounted and free-standing bin racks give you several options for easy bin storage and access.

Bin Storage Cabinet

Bin Cabinets

These steel bin cabinets securely store your parts bins and their contents.

Bin Shelf

Bin Shelves

Bin Storage Shelves are built from 20-gauge steel and are available with 6, 8 or 13-shelves.

Bin Cart

Bin Carts

Easily transport your parts bins around your facility with these attractive and rugged bin carts.