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Shipping empty containers is expensive. Because large, heavy-duty bins ship by volume and not weight, you may incur hundreds of dollars in shipping charges. Let’s compare how much you’ll save on our most popular storage bins and totes when you get free shipping:

Estimated Shipping Cost To:
Chicago New York City Los Angeles
QUS230 Ultra Stack & Hang Bins (Case of 12) You Save: $11.98 You Save: $11.98 You Save: $15.64
QUS953 HULK Containers (Case of 4) You Save: $39.18 You Save: $39.18 You Save: $50.24
QDC2420-12 Attached Top Containers (Each) You Save: $32.05 You Save: $32.05 You Save: $42.64
Quantum Stack & Hang Bins

Stack & Hang Bins

Quantum features the largest collection of plastic bins, including the popular Ultra, HULK, Magnum, Store-More and Store-Max series.

Quantum Stackable Shelf Bins

Stackable Shelf Bins

Quantum Stackable Shelf Bins are made from strong polypropylene and are perfect for storing medium, large and even heavy items.

Quantum Wire Shelves with Bins

Bin Shelves

Your storage systems are incomplete until you pick-up a set of these wire shelving units. These packages provide an organized storage solution.

Quantum Utility Cart with Bins

Bin Carts

Quantum bin carts provide access from both sides, and include bins featuring hoppers with front and back access.

Quantum Divider Grid Container

Divider Grid Containers

The Dividable Grid Heavy Duty Containers are heavy-duty and ideal for use in the commercial, industrial, electronic and healthcare industries.

Quantum Attached Top Containers

Attached Top Totes

These containers are reusable and ideal for storage, distribution and order picking. The tops feature steel hinges for stacking strength and security.

Quantum Straight Wall Container

Straight Wall Totes

Quantum heavy-duty straight wall and collapsible straight wall containers maximize your space when used for shipping, storage or work-in progress.

Quantum Totes & Tubs

Totes & Tubs

Manufactured of approved USDA/FDA materials, Quantum heavy-duty totes are ideal in food service or dietary department applications.