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Manufacturers favor Swanstrom cutters for use in medical and electronic device production. Ergonomic, precise, and ultra-sharp: these cutting tools feature optional soft grips, and adjustable opening stops to reduce fatigue and improve repeatability for peak production.

Choose from various head shapes, cutting edges, and tapered designs for high-volume shearing of up to one million cuts or select super flush, ultra-sharp edges for nimble, tactile cuts. High-output facilities mitigate the risk factors associated with developing carpal tunnel syndrome by upgrading to optional SoftTouch™ grips.

All models feature ESD-safe design to dissipate static and preserve the most delicate electronic components. Stainless steel, double action leaf springs offer smooth, fast action and configuration. The Scrivet™ joints, constructed with hard alloy rivets, enable adjustment on the fly for rapidly changing production needs.

Swanstrom is family owned and adapts quickly to the ever-changing needs of medical and electronic device manufacturers, both large and small. Contact us about specially designed honing, head sizing, and tip specification for customized cutting solutions.

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Swanstrom Super Cutter

Super Cutters

Super Tools feature Swantrom's proprietary heat and quench manufacturing technology. Advanced forging and computerized temperament produces cutters that achieve up to one million cuts without sharpening or servicing.

Swanstrom M-Series Medical-Grade Cutter

Medical-Grade Cutters

Loved by medical device manufacturers, M-Series cutters feature super flush, ultra-sharp edges which reduce energy transfer for delicate, minimal impact cuts. Adjustable leaf springs reduce fatigue for repeatable cuts through challenging materials.

Swanstrom Carbide Cutter

Carbide Cutters

Engineered to satisfy the exacting demands of medical manufacturing, these superior cutters are forged from high-chromium, high-carbon alloy steel, and hardened using a unique proprietary heat treating process for maximum strength and durability.