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Arlink Workstations

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Arlink provides a wide range of technical furniture solutions that solve problems throughout the modern workplace. From single workbenches to complete facility wide installations, Arlink's adaptable system architecture enables users to create productive workstation environments for almost any person performing almost any task. Arlink's ergonomic and adaptable systems are designed to enable easy customization of individual workstations and fast configuring of complex, multi-station systems.

With Arlink workstations, we can ensure - now more than ever - that you'll always get the exact workspace solution for your specific work demands. Arlink workstations allow the use of a wide family of components and accessories.

What Sets Arlink Workstations Apart? | 4 Steps to a More Ergonomic Workspace

Arlink 8000 Series Modular Workstations

The 8000 Series is a modular style of workstation that uses columns to attach accessories as well as benches to each other, creating rows or cells.
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Arlink 8000 Series Starter Units
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Arlink 8000 Series Add-On Units
Add-On Units
Arlink 8000 Series Corner Units
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Arlink 7000 Series Workbenches

7000 Series workbenches are a standard 4-leg table design that help optimize performance in the workplace. Add uprights, which can accommodate any Arlink accessory.


Vertical Space Integrator

Maximize space by using the vertical height above a worksurface with a complete offering of system accessories.This system allows you to add modular 8000 series accessories to your 7000 series workstation.

Flow Racks

Flow racks can be used to stage and deliver parts utilizing gravity, reducing material handling time and costs. Bins or totes are loaded on flow rack frames from the rear, and as operators remove one from the front, a new bin glides forward on rollers. Similarly, flow rack frames can be inclined away from an operator to allow removal of completed work.

Lista Storage

Versatile and flexible Lista storage cabinets are an ideal fit for a wide range of workspace and storage needs - from manufacturing to warehousing to research and development. Lista cabinets are durable, secure solutions, providing the highest density and the maximum weight-bearing capacity. Mobile models are also available.

Lista Pre-Configured

Lista Xpress pre-configured technical and industrial workbenches are designed to deliver durability, versatility and productivity. Constructed of the highest quality materials and built to last Available with a range of cabinet pedestals and/or legs for support.

Align® Adjustable Height Workstations

Lista's Align Adjustable Height Workstations are built for user-adjustable ergonomic comfort and flexible functionality. Available in hand crank, motorized or slide leg models, these workstations feature a 27" - 42" height adjustment range.