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Wearwell's innovative mats improve productivity and safety of standing workers. Formerly Tennessee Mat Co., they are the first to hit the market with new technology and have introduced more successful ergonomic and safety surfaces than anyone in the industry.

  • Wearwell mats are engineered specifically to solve specific problems for areas like industrial, food service, cleanroom, and critical environments.
  • Innovative design and clean aesthetics set Wearwell mats apart from the competition.
  • Sixteen of Wearwell's 90 products utilize between 50 and 100% recycled materials. Another thirteen contain between 33 and 50% recycled materials.

Wearwell Modular Flooring The Importance of Ergonomic Mats

The most functional, comfortable and effective solution for eliminating standing workers aches and pain is the use of well-designed anti-fatigue matting. These ergonomic products can play a huge part in injury prevention, the reduction of standing worker fatigue, and increased productivity. Anti-fatigue mats work by encouraging subtle movement of leg and calf muscles. As the muscles contract and relax they pump blood back to the heart and eliminate blood pooling in the lower extremities which often occurs if a worker's muscles are totally static. Learn more.

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