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When you think about it, an investment in quality seating is a wise decision. Your employees are your company's most important asset. Protect this asset by making your employees comfortable which, in turn, will make them more productive. Bevco offers a complete line of user friendly seating solutions for most applications. They also lead the industry with their custom fabricated, made-to-order seating to fit your exact requirements.

Bevco 12 Year Warranty

Lasting Value and a 12-Year Warranty

Components used in Bevco products are made in the U.S.A. or to their exacting specifications from key suppliers. The entire process is under Bevco's control. They carefully specify everything that goes into a Bevco product right down to the most basic parts. It's that attention to detail and high quality materials that divides good seating designs from great ones. Because they build their own products, they know them well and feel comfortable backing them with the most comprehensive and lengthy warranty available anywhere. Each of Bevco's products is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a long time, no matter how many shifts they are used each day. Most pneumatic cylinders are guaranteed for life.

Bevco 4000 Series Fabric Task Chair

Industrial Task Chairs

Bevco 8000 Series ESD Chair

ESD-Safe Chairs

Bevco 9000 Series Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom Chairs

Bevco 9000 Series Cleanroom ESD Chair

Cleanroom ESD Chairs

Bevco Sit/Stand Stool

Task Stools

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