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Gibo/Kodama Chairs

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Gibo/Kodama designs chairs for hours of productivity. From the shape of their seats to the density of their foam, the ease of control adjustments to their ergonomically designed support system, Gibo/Kodama designs fit and productivity into every chair. You'll find Gibo/Kodama chairs in production lines, biomedical labs, office environments, anywhere productivity is vital to a company's well being. Gibo/Kodama's technical seating, including ESD and Cleanroom chairs, is used by the top companies of our nation, all proudly made here in the USA.

Gibo/Kodama chairs structural parts are guaranteed to perform properly for a period of 5 years of normal use when weight capacities are not exceeded (300lbs max capacity). Harsh environment chairs are guaranteed to preform properly for a period of one year. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear to products. Cushions, fabric and vinyl are warranted for 5 years of normal use and will be pro-rated for multi-shifts. Customer's own material is not covered under this warranty. View full warranty.

Gibo/Kodama Fabric Task Chair
Task Chairs
Gibo/Kodama Vinyl ESD Chair
Gibo/Kodama Cleanroom Chair
Gibo/Kodama Cleanroom ESD Chair
Cleanroom ESD
Gibo/Kodama Harsh Environment Chair
Environment Chairs
Gibo/Kodama Fabric Stool
Gibo/Kodama Catalog

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