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Learn more about what makes Industrial Seating Chairs the best in the business:
Superior Ergonomics | Patented Conductivity System | Cleanroom Features | 15 Year Warranty

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Industrial Seating Ergonomic Features Superior Ergonomics

• Foam Quality
Industrial Seating uses the highest quality dual density foam in their seats and backs. Dual density foam produces a seat that is initially soft but remains firm providing proper support for extended periods of time.

Seat Cushion Ergonomics
Industrial seating uses a special waterfall seat pan design. They've perfected the combination of foam cushioning and support for the front edge of the seat pan. When excessive cushioning is used it wraps around the legs, just above the knee, restricting blood flow and reducing comfort.

Back Cushion Ergonomics
When a person sits, the lower lumbar area has a tendency to bend more radically, causing uneven vertebral spacing and disk pressure. Industrial Seating uses a graduated lumber support to promote a natural spinal form eliminating this problem.

All bodies vary in height, weight, and shape therefore it is crucial to have a versatile chair to fit them all. We provide pneumatic height adjustment, independent back height and back angle adjustment, seat angle adjustment and adjustable footrings. Having this variability allows workers to fit the chairs to their unique shape rather than fitting their shape into a poor ergonomic position.
Industrial Seating Patented Conductivity System Patented Conductivity System

Complete Discharge is Critical
All of our conductive chairs use triple layer fabric or vinyl. Each layer is progressively more conductive to assure any charge is dissipated down into the cushion. This prevents any charges from migrating across the surface of the chair and discharging somewhere besides the chair ground.

Regardless of the sophistication of the static control system, without durability it is meaningless. Our chairs are manufactured to withstand the caustic environments and rigorous industrial conditions where conductive chairs are used. When we patented the triple cushion conductivity we engineered the most durable static control system ever. We back up there claims with a 15 year limited warranty on all of our chairs.

Operator Safety
Many conductive chairs are used at test benches where an operator could receive an electric shock. Industrial Seating chairs use dual resistance wafers in the gas lift column reducing the possibility of injury.

Exclusive Conductive Fabrics
These fabrics are manufactured exclusively for Industrial Seating. They have the lowest resistance to ground, the fastest static decay rate, and the lowest residual charge of any fabric in the industry.
Cleanroom Seating Features

Sealed System
On Industrial Seating clean room chairs, the air is exhausted through three 99.99% effective 0.2 micron filter systems. These filters allow air within the cushion to be expelled under minimal pressure. Permanent adhesives are used to double seal all cover materials, creating a superior clean system.

Rubber Edge Protector
Each Industrial Seating cushion comes with soft urethane edge banding to protect against tears and cuts.

Double Plated Steel Components
All clean room seating products come standard with double chrome plated gas spring columns and back bars. They are available with plated arms and polished aluminum bases for reduced particulation.

Vinyl Specs
Industrial Seating uses specially treated, heavy duty vinyls for both their conductive and non-conductive models. These vinyls use patented technology to eliminate the possibility of most stains while making the cushion much tougher to puncture or tear.
Chair Warranties

Warranty 1: Unconditional 5-year
Any component of Industrial Seating products which fails within five years will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the user. This means that:
1. All Mechanical and Structural Components of Industrial Seating products are warranted to perform properly of five years.
2. Conductive on ESD products is warranted to meet industry standards of five years.
3. Cushions, to include fabric or vinyl cover, resilient filling materials, and filter systems (on clean room chairs), are warranted for five years.

Warranty 2: Extended Care (6 to 15-year)
A. Replacements will be limited to structural components.
B. Replacements will be billed on a prorated basis. (10% of distributor net cost for parts purchased the 6th year, 20% the 7th year, etc).

Warranty 3:
Industrial Seating will maintain an inventory of replacement parts for fifteen years after discontinuing any part.

When products are used in multiple shift operations, warranties are prorated.