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Lissner chairs offer all the comforts you look for in an industrial seat without the high price tag that can come with other chair brands. Most of the popular options people use are built right in, such as thick dense foam padding in seat pans to increase comfort, as well as back and seat tilt adjustments in conjunction with standard height adjustments. Best of all, Lissner chairs come partially assembled, cutting down on assembly time and hassle.

Lissner chairs are long-life products, meaning you’ll spend less on replacing chairs by investing in Lissner. Lissner's 15 Year Warranty on chair frames means your chair is guaranteed to stay strong and sturdy. The fabric upholstery can maintain its integrity and appearance for up to 25 years, the urethane options are self-skinning and resistant to punctures and tears, and all vinyl options are mildew and anti-microbial treated to maintain appearance and cleanliness for the duration of the chairs life.

All Lissner chairs meet or exceed the following safety standards: ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards Inc., Business Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association) and DIN (Deutsch Industrial Nomenclature).

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