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Worklon® & Fashion Seal® Garments from Superior Uniform Group

Fashion Seal Healthcare® Worklon® Cleanroom Garments Fashion Seal® Healthcare Scrubs

Worklon® offers a line of reusable cleanroom garments and ESD lab wear, in a wide selection of styles and barrier fabrics. Worklon® cleanroom garments protect both your employees and your product for a variety of cleanroom industries.

Fashion Seal Healthcare® offers a line of affordable lab coats and scrub uniforms that provide reliable, competitive and budget friendly with uniforms that combine style, comfort and functionality, including pockets designed to hold anything from a pen to a tablet.

Worklon® ESD Smock Worklon® Cleanroom Frock Worlon® Cleanroom Intersuit Worklon® Cleanroom Coverall Fashion Seal® Lab Coat Fashion Seal® Scrubs
ESD Smocks Cleanroom Frocks Intersuits Cleanroom Coveralls Lab Coats Scrubs
Fashion Seal® Precaution Gowns Worklon® Bouffant Cap Worklon® Cleanroom Hood Worklon® Face Mask Worklon® Cleanroom Shoe Covers Worklon® Cleanroom Boots
Protective Gowns Bouffant Caps Cleanroom Hoods Face Masks Shoe Covers Cleanroom Boots