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Standing Desks

Standing Desk In Use

The human body is designed to stand, not sit. Research has shown that sitting for more than six hours a day leads to increasing the risk of diabetes by 40% and cardiovascular disease by 50%, leading to health problems for the worker and increased health insurance costs for the employer.

Sitting at a desk all day is no longer acceptable for a workforce wanting more flexibility and improved health. Adjustable height standing desks and work stations are a good solution for encouraging movement in the workplace.

Standing desks allow workers to easily alternate between seated and standing positions throughout the work day, reducing backaches and pains, stress and tension, and improving circulation throughout the body. Combined with other ergonomic accessories like monitor arms, keyboard trays, sit/stand stools, anti-fatigue mats and footrests, worker attentiveness, productivity and safety can be increased.

Our selection of standing desks have been chosen to provide you with easy adjustability. Electronic lift controls and programmable position memory ensure quiet, smooth transitions. In, we offer a variety of work surfaces in a number of colors, including standard and ESD laminates, as well as maple butcher block tops.

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