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MetroMax iQ Polymer Shelving

MetroMax iQ Polymer Storage System
Designed with innovative polymers for longer-life product performance, easy to clean surfaces to promote a cleaner environment and higher levels of safety, and interchangeable components for maximum flexibility. A truly unique way to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and ultimately ROI.

Interchangeability: MetroMax i and MetroMax Q, shelves, posts, and most accessories are uniquely interchangeable making the iQ system adaptable to your specific application.
Longer Life Durability and Performance: Corrosion proof MetroMax i has an innovative polymer design and the performance of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. MetroMax Q has an advanced polymer and epoxy coated steel design that offers superior performance versus wire shelving. All shelves can be cleaned in a fraction of the time as wire.
Improved Cleanability: iQ System shelves have removable polymer mats that are easily cleaned in sinks, wash or dish machines. Cleaner shelves promote safer environments.
Storage Optimization: iQ System accessories contain, compartmentalize, and organize your stored contents to maximize every square inch of storage space. Smooth polymer components protect fragile packaged items.
MetroMax i Polymer Shelving Unit

MetroMax i Polymer Shelving Features:

• Polymer construction with stainless steel corners.
• Lifetime warranty against corrosion.
• Removable, easily cleanable shelf mats.
• Open grid and solid shelves.
MetroMax Q Epoxy Shelving Unit

MetroMax Q Epoxy Shelving Features:

• Epoxy coated wire shelf frames and posts.
• 15 year warranty against corrosion.
• Removable, easy-to-clean shelf mats.
• Quick adjust grid shelves.

Individual Shelves, Posts & Casters


MetroMax iQ Shelves
MetroMax iQ

MetroMax iQ Posts
MetroMax iQ

MetroMax iQ Casters
MetroMax iQ

MetroMax iQ Shelf Wedge
Wedges, Clamps
& S-Hooks

MetroMax iQ Shelf Overlay

MetroMax iQ Shelf Divider
Shelf Dividers
& Ledges

MetroMax iQ Accessories
MetroMax iQ

Carts & Mobile Shelving

MetroMax i Utility Cart
MetroMax i
Utility Carts

MetroMax Q Utility Cart
MetroMax Q
Utility Carts

MetroMax i Caster Cart
MetroMax i
Caster Carts

MetroMax Q Caster Cart
MetroMax Q
Caster Carts

MetroMax iQ Cart Handle

MetroMax iQ Stationary Security Cage

MetroMax iQ Mobile Security Cart