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Dry Cabinets & Storage

Particles, static, humidity, and trace moisture threaten the integrity of sensitive products and often evade detection until parts reach end-use application. Desiccant or nitrogen-based dry cabinets ensure low-labor quality control before products leave the manufacturer. Dry cabinets facilitate efficient moisture removal, and inhibit absorption by maintaining and restoring relative humidity (RH) once a cabinet is closed.

Efficiency, accuracy, ease of use, RH range, and regeneration of the desired RH level indicate critical performance metrics for desiccator and nitrogen cabinets. The ultra-low humidity storage cabinets we offer are constructed with durable materials, ESD-safe function, and computerized nitrogen purging for high-volume throughput and efficiency. Hands-free and turn-key options minimize labor, and generate profits faster with tight RH control, space efficiency, fewer lost parts, and better workflow.

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CleanPro® Logo

CleanPro® nitrogen desiccator cabinets are constructed of clear acrylic or static dissipative sheets, creating clean, moisture-free storage.

Palbam Class Logo

Palbam Class desiccator cabinets cut nitrogen expenses by up to 80% by automating clean, dry benchtop storage, eliminating moisture & oxygen related degradation and optimizing yields.

StatPro Logo

StatPro CPDC Series desiccator cabinets provide automatic RH control of <5% and user adjustable 10% - 50% RH environments with very fast recovery times for a turnkey, no-maintenance solution.

Terra Universal Logo

Terra Universal nitrogen-purge desiccator cabinets meet dry storage requirements as low as 1% relative humidity, and feature standardized components that simplify upgrades, retrofits and replacement.

Desiccator Cabinet Housing Options

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Benchtop desiccators offer a space-efficient solution when floor space is at a minimum.
Browse Benchtop Models

These desiccator cabinets feature multiple stacked and/or side-by-side chambers.
Browse Multi-Chamber Models

Double-door desiccators feature a spacious chamber with heavy-duty shelf options.
Browse Double-Door Models

Pass-through desiccators feature doors on both the front and back for convenient dual-side access.
Browse Pass-Through Models

Desiccator Cabinet Material Options

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Acrylic is an economical choice that provides strength and full visibility of stored parts.
Browse Acrylic Models

Static Dissipative PVC
This material provides protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and chemical resistance.
Browse PVC Models

Stainless Steel
Type 304 stainless steel is durable and minimizes particle shedding for critical environment use.
Browse Stainless Steel Models

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Desiccator Cabinet Methods

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Manual Refreshing Desiccant
A low cost solution that is typically used for temporary or non-critical applications.
Browse Manual Desiccant Models

Automatic Refreshing Desiccant
Provides automatic RH control of <5% and adjustable 10% - 50% RH environments with fast recovery.
Browse Automatic Desiccant Models

Manual Refreshing Nitrogen
Designed for use with a nitrogen purge to displace the moisture within the cabinet.
Browse Manual Nitrogen Models

Automatic Refreshing Nitrogen
Automatic control cuts nitrogen expenses by up to 80% and optimizes yields.
Browse Automatic Nitrogen Models

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Desiccator Cabinets for Semiconductor Applications

Special Applications

IsoDry™ Desiccators
IsoDry™ unit provides uniform RH and fast recovery for your most critical humidity requirements.
Browse IsoDry™ Models

Kiticcator™ Desiccators
Provide dry, organized and space-efficient storage of kitting trays and tote boxes.
Browse Kiticcator™ Models

Tape & Reel Desiccators
Provide optimal dry storage environment for tape & reel packages.
Browse Tape & Reel Models

Wafer Box Desiccators
Preserve moisture-sensitive wafers in a dry, particle-free environment.
Browse Wafer Box Models

Faraccator™ Desiccators
The faraday-cage design completely shields stored materials against induced electrostatic charges.
Browse Faraccator™ Models