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Desco 09150

Jewel Rapid Retraction Coil Cord, Angle, Sapphire, 6'

  • High visibility; bright colors allow supervisor to see worker is wearing wrist strap
  • Superior resistor connection strain relief; superior reliability. Greatly exceeds ESD S1.1 Bending Life Test- ongoing testing over 50,000,000 vs. 16,000 requirement (exceeds by over 3,100 times the minium requirement); eliminates intermittent failures that occur with less durable single and dual wire cords
  • Patented contoured spring supported banana plug; ensures reliable path-to-ground connection expanding banana plug into socket
  • Right angle banana jack minimizes snagging and accidental disconnect
  • Made in America
  • Your Price: $14.68

    Additional Information

    PAC Part Number I142455
    MFG Part Number 09150
    Brand Desco
    Shipping Weight 0.0800
    Length 6'
    Type Snap to Plug
    Color Blue