Hardwall Cleanrooms

CleanPro Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms and Partitions
CleanPro Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms and Partitions
CleanPro Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms and Partitions
CleanPro Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms and Partitions
Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms and Partitions
CleanPro® Modular Construction Systems can be used to create dozens of products for existing cleanrooms or used to build a complete isolation environment. Using this system gives you the ultimate flexibility to alter or expand your cleanroom. Do you need a pass-thru? With this system you can remove a wall panel and install a new precut, pre-engineered pass-thru in just a few minutes.

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  Air Flow Monitor
  RH Controls
  Wall Mount Shelves
  Wall Mount Tables
  Garment Rack
  Garment/Storage Cabinets
  Gowning Benches
  Bootie Racks
  Cleanroom Chairs
  Air Guard Velocity Meter
  EnviroWatch Monitor
  Particle Counter
  Step Ladders/WIP Racks
  Tacky Mats
  Shoe/Vacuum Cleaner
  Waste Recepticle
  Fire Detection/Supression
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US FED STD 209E & ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards
Maximum Particles/ft3
≥0.1µm ≥0.2µm ≥0.3µm ≥0.5µm ≥5µm
1 ISO 3 35 7.5 3 1 0.007
10 ISO 4 350 75 30 10 0.07
100 ISO 5 3,500 750 300 100 0.7
1,000 ISO 6 35,000 7,500 3,000 1,000 7
10,000 ISO 7 350,000 75,000 30,000 10,000 70
100,000 ISO 8 3.5 x 106 750,000 300,000 100,000 700
US FED STD 209E was officially cancelled by the General Services Administration of the US Dept. of Commerce on November 29, 2001, but is still widely used.
> Types of Air Flow Designs:

Single Pass Air Flow

Single Pass Air Flow Cleanroom

Powder Confinement Room

Powder Containment Cleanroom
Re-circulating Air Flow

Re-circulating Air Flow Cleanroom

Negative Pressure Cleanroom

Negative Pressure Cleanroom
> CleanPro® Critical Environment Monitoring Solution:
Get real time reporting, alarm conditions, and instant traceability. View monitoring system.

> Pass Thrus: This customized unit let's you move a product from one environment to another without endangering the cleanliness levels in your cleanroom. View pass thrus.

Modular Medical Device Cleanroom Advantages of Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Construction

Hardwall cleanroom wall panels and components are engineered to provide a secure, controlled environment within the cleanroom. As needs change, modular cleanroom wall panel designs offer the ability to relocate or expand the cleanroom in the future. Learn more.